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Dalit Parliament

Dalit Parliament envisoned and brought into practice annually as a regular program of RDN Nepal is organised every year on the occasion of World Human Rigths Day. This is a collective people’s forum comprising participatns from diverse sectors including Dalit aactivists, political organizations, and wellwishers mainly those invovled in social campaigns. As felt necessary due to the failure of the existing parliament in categorically raising the issues of Dalit, the Dalit Parliament is organised as an alternative parliament for collecting Dalit issues, problems and recommendations in order to submit to the government.  The first Dalit Parliament commen ced from 2003 was organised in Dhanghadhi of Western Nepal. This Parliament demanded the election to the constituent assembly.  The 2004 Dalit Parliament organised in Dhangadhi passed an alternative report demanding mainly the logical peace talk with the conflicting parties and constitutional provision for reservation. The Third Dalit Parliament which was also organised in Dhangadhi demanded for Liberation to Halya and revolutionary land reform. The fourth Dalit Parliament  organised in Kathmandu passed the Dalit-oriented draft constitution of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The Fifth Dalit Parliament organised in  Kathmandu demanded the declaration to Nepal as federal democratic republic, sustainability of seven party alliance, and election the CA. The Sixth Dalit Parliament organised in  Kathmandu passed the Statute of the  National Dalit Commission and formed the Dalit Constituent Assembly in order to make the Dalit-oriented new constitution. 


Dalit Parliament has thus been established as one of the creative, democratic, and pressure creating campaign. This parliament was established with a view that Dalit have to be invovled in the parliamdent for Dalit –oriented policy making, monitoring and playing a watch-dog role in the Nepali parliament sector, and with a slogan that Untouchability Free Next Nepal is possible. As an outcome of the initiation of the Dalit Parliement Nepal, several other parliaments have been organised, namely, The Poor’s Parliament in India, and in Nepal, the Youth Parliament, the Child Parliament, Model Constituent Assembly, Model Parliement, People’s Parliament, Women Peace Parliament, Youth Social Forum, Western Region Social Forum and Alternative Dalit District Council.


The Dalit movement in Nepal has develooped its height as a broad solidarity movement with other social movements. Dalit Parliament is launched regualrly as a pressure creating tool unless and until the the scentific reservation quota for the Dalit people are enured in the sectors like the parliament. Every year the Dalit Parliament assess the achivemetns made in the Dalit sector and accoridnly the future activities and strategies are set. On the same occasion, the selected Dalit activist is awarded with the Tiak Ram Manab Maryada Pursakr [Tika Ram Human Disgnity Award].

Policy level people-oriented advocacy and campaign

In order to implement the Dalit rights-based policies, people's oriented advocacy and campaign will be launched for the ammendment of the incomplete policies in the current changed context. These include Dalit Parliament, Sample VDC Campaign, Alternative Municipality and VDC Council, and Alternative District Council. Similarly, people's mobilisation programs will be continued on the occasion of differnet national and internatiional days such as International Day against Racial Discrimination, 21 March,  World Human Rigths Day, 10 December, Dalit Rights Day, 21 Jestha, and Dalit Rights Week, 32 Shrawan to 6 Bhadra. Similarly Dalit inclusion audit will be carried out for the assessment of the Dalit invvolvement in political parties. The decade of 2008 – 2018 has been decided to celebrate as the Dalit Rights Decade in the Organization's Strategic Planning.

Media advocacy and publication

Media is the strongest weapon for the achievemtn of Dalit rights. RDN Nepal has a policy of partnership wit hthe media sector. Regarding media mobilisation, activities relating to publication of the reports and books regarding Dalit issues, conducting fact-finding missions, media monitoring, disseminating the incidences on Dalit human rights violations in national and international forums, conducting public hearings at least once a month regarding Dalit contemporary issues, encourgaing and awarding the authros of the Dalit issues, publishing poster, phamplets, bulletin, hoarding board, hand bill, and other audio-visiual materials are some of the crucual activities set under media mobilisation program. In addition to these, RDN Nepal has been invovled in producing Dalit journalsit, and condcuting reserch on different Dalit issues, too.

Capacity building

The Dalit rights movement depends on its organization and capacity to mobilisation of people. RDN Nepal has delcared the year of 2009-2010 as the decade of capacity building year. In National Alliance for Human Rigths and Social Justice (Human Rigths Alliance), some members of the RDN Nepal have been in the ldaership level and some have been the members. RDN Nepal has established the Tika Ram Pahari Award to award the Dalit activist once a year. D alit Rigths Resoicerce Centre has been established for the capacity building of the Dalit activists through cuch centre, where various audio-visual and Dalit Human Rights related books, journals and other reading materials have been kept. A planning has been made to expand the concept of the centres in all five development regions. RDN Nepal has a trained Human Resouce able to give training of trainers (ToT) on issues relating to Dalit rights, human rights, mobilsing movement, and so on.

Emergency physical service

This includes the assitence to the family members of the Dalit activitisists invlvoved in the emegegency activities and campaigns on Dalit people's rigths. This assitence is provided espeically to those wounded while invoving the campaigns, or those socially oustcast people, and those sugffered due to inter-caste marriage.  The Dalit activists' childeren deprioved of education will also be assited.

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