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RDN Nepal's Intervention Areas Intervention Areas

First of all, political empowerment of the Dalit people is needed for the menaingful particpation of Dalit in every sector of the State. RDN Nepal will play an intervention apporach in the follwing sectors for the guarantee of the livelihood of the Dalit people togehter wit hthe economic empowerment, social justice, equity-based society and human dignity.

Political/Civil rights

  • Inclusion within poltical parties;
  • Inclusion within regime sectors;
  • Inclusion within administatrive sectors.

Economic rights

  • Land rights and accesse to natural resources;
  • Inclusion within every sector of empolyment;
  • Elemination of fudalistic social taboos.

Social/Cultural rights

  • Rights to education;
  • Elimination of caste-based untouchability;
  • Elminiation of impunity.

Federalism and Dalit

The campaign for Dalit rights is continued for the identity, representation and accesses to the sectors mentioned above for the elimination of the existing caste-based untouchability and sceitnific constitutional provision for the compensattion of the impact on Dalits due to so-called existing untouchability.

Latest News and Events

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