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Organizational Structure

The apex body of RDN Nepal is the national conference. There are three kinds of membership within RDN Nepal – institutinal coopeartion, individual and spacial. Every three years, the election takwes place and this selects a 15-21 members in its executive committee and nine member secretariat. There are provisions of affiliating organizations like Dalit women council, Dalit Student Network, Dalit People's Representative Forum, Haliya Rights Forum. All these forums and affiliting organisatins are established throgh a democratice process. Similarly, seven departments are established – People's Camoaing for Handovering Leadership and Internal Democratisation, Reseach and Monitoring, Human Rights, Women Rights, Land Rights, Dalit Students' Rights, Madheshi Dalit and Dalit Parliament.

RDN Nepal will continuously review and operationalize its t working modality; which could be visualized from the diagram below:

Involvement of key stakeholders:

This project is movement based project that aims to influence and pressurize CA members and political cadre members for assuring Dalit rights (especially of Haliyas and Dalit communities compelled to practice Khaliya system) in social, political, economic and cultural aspects. On the other hand, it equally focuses on eradicating social and cultural discriminative practices and cultures prevailed in Nepalese societies. Process of movement and advocacy will be more effective if the organizer or lead organization could build constituency on the issue and bring solidarity hands for the issue and movement.


On the other hand, it is obvious that there are other projects, political parties, CSOs GOs and I/NGOs working tangibly and intangibly for the betterment of Dalit communities in the proposed project locality. RDN will coordinate with all of them for building wider constituency in overall program activities of the project 'Empowering Dalits for Rights and Inclusion Program'. More specifically, RDN will join its hands for solidarity with district forest office, district education office, district public health office and the district administration for the rights and inclusion of Dalit communities in decision making level of different VDC and cluster level institutions as well as CBOs. Likewise, RDN will critically engage with district administration and political parties to emancipate Haliyas as per the historical declaration of GON. Similarly, RDN will critically engage with political parties and its sister organizations both at local and national level for greater representation of Dalit cadre members on their decision making level as well as for influencing the nation restructuring and transformation process.


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