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Organization building, mobilization and human resource development

RDN Nepal believes on formation of organizations to launch its set activities. In order to make the campaign for Dalit rights more comprehensive, the Network has formed and mobilized various organizations as its ‘extended arms’. They are Dalit Women’s Council, Dalit Students’ Council, Haliya Rights Forum, Dalit Representative Forum, and Untouchability Assessment Centre.  The Presidents of these ‘extended arms’ are the ex-officio members of the RDN Nepal. The Dalit activists involved in these organizations are taken as the cornerstones for change and they are given different trainings, orientation, exposure visits, and knowledge sharing activities mainly on universal   principles, rights and skills for social change. In view of leading the Dalit movement in Nepal to a logical end, Dalit Solidarity Group or the Advisory Committee has also been formed which consists members from university professors, politicians, media persons, human rights activists, and the senior Dalit movement activities.

Latest News and Events

9th Dalit Sansad Concluded

  समुद्घाटन समारोह   विगत संसदको निरन्तरता दिदै ९ औं दलित संसद विघटीत संविधान सभाका दलित सवालहरुको संरक्षण गरौं ! अर्थपूर्ण समावेशी संविधान सभाको पक्षमा जनमत श्रृजना गरौं भन्ने मूल नाराकासाथ यही...

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