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In view of the fact that a reciprocal relation needs to be established within the Indian Dalit movement so as to internationalize the Dalit movement of Nepal, RDN Nepal is trying its best to establish its relation with the South Asian Dalit movement. Furthermore, relations have been established with the international activists for Dalit a part from India. The success stories and experiences of the Nepali Dalit movement will be disseminated as knowledge sharing among the international community.


With a view to launch a collective movement by way of forming a broad social solidarity movement, RDN Nepal is associated with various alliances and networks in the grassroots, national and international levels. As a result of this, currently, RDN Nepal has been also the President of the National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice, Nepal (Human Rights Alliance), which has over 1000 member organizations throughout the country. Similarly, RDN Nepal has been the Secretary of the Rastriya Bhumi Adhikar Sarokar Samuha [National Land Rights Concern Group] and Civil Society for Loktantra and Peace. In addition to this, RDN Nepal has been the member of the alliances, federations and networks including South Asia People’s Campaign against HIV/AIDS, Forum for Human Rights Protection, Vision for New South Asia, Citizens’ campaign for Democracy and Social Transformation (CAHURAST), Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP), Dalit Civil Society for Constituent Assembly, Asia Social Forum, Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC).

In the past, RDN Nepal contributed to the People’s Movements, People’s Rally, People’s SAARC, Conference on People’s Rights on Natural Resources, Future Nepal Citizens’ Effort, Conference on Rastriya Dalit Network, Nation-wide Debate on Federalism, and Citizens’ Committee for Declaration of Republic Nepal..