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Rastriya Dalit Network (RDN) Nepal is a national level movement-based organization having its strong networks in the grassroots with various visions, goals, objectives and the natures of the organizations. The organizations working in the field of Dalit based on human rights leadership have been well coordinated and established as one of the national alliances as RDN by merging all visions, goals and objectives set by the individual organizations.

Established in the year 2057 [2000 AD], the Organization has a major objective to establish people’s movement by cooperation and coordination with the non-governmental organizations working in the field of human rights and social justice, federations, civil movements relating to democracy and peace, the co-working organizations in the field of Dalit, Dalit political organizations, and media organizations. This objective is believed to be fulfilled by creating pressure on Dalits’ problems relating to political, economic, and socio-cultural aspects. Established as a loose network in the beginning, the umbrella organization is registered in Kailali District Administration Office in the year 2003 AD. The Organization has been affiliated to the Social Welfare Council in the same date. RDN is now established as one of the leading umbrella organizations for Dalit activities in five development regions, Karnali zone as a regional status and 45 district branches. As a whole, the Organization has a network of more than 100 organizational members and more than 1500 individual members.


A just society void of caste based untouchability and discrimination as recognized by the universal principles.


To play a lead role in establishing a human rights-oriented resource centre for Dalit’s identity, representation and access.


To influence in the decision making level for guarantying political, economic, social and cultural rights by way of elimination of caste based untouchability and discrimination.



R: Rights-based
I : Integrated
G: Governance
H: Human Rights
T: Transparency
S: Solidarity