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  • To launch the rights-based campaign for the establishment of Dalit people’s political, exonomic, social and cultural rights;
  • To play a lead roel in making the state accountable towards elimination of caste-based untouchability and discrimination by way of campaign from the grassroots to the national and international level and by invovling in state restructuireing process;
  • To launch movement for the constitutional guarnatee for reservation to the Dalit people in state governance, government and non-government services, education sector, land reform programs, settlement planning and production of goods and their consumption as well as distribution;
  • To elmintate the ill practices brought out and protected by the fudal societies including Haliya, Doli, Khali, Bhund, sexual assult, making compulsion to eat or throw caracass, snatching the private property of daughters, taking compost fertiliser to the crop field, Jari, and other untouchability practices;
  • To establish access and contorol by Dalit people in state resources incliding water, jungle and land as well as policy making levels mainly parliament, governemnt, judiciary, administrative sectors, local authorieties, political parties, consumption committees, school managment committees, commsssions, and media sectors;
  • To modernise the indegenious skills and knoweldge of the Dalit in connection with their typical occupation, so as to convert them as their life skills and to eliminate the discrimination and feeling of untouchability within Dalits;
  • To be active for the rights-based development activities by way of advocacy and lobbying programs regarding protection and promotion of human rights, and for the development of equity-based social justice.