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  • People’s centered advocacy and human rights campaign;
  • Expanding membership, organization building and mobilization;
  • Study, research, publication and knowledge sharing;
  • Issue-based public debate and dialogue;
  • Production of Dalit activists inclined towards volunteerism;
  • Promotion of Dalit-centered politics and organization building;
  • Organizational capacity building for the Dalit leadership-oriented organization;
  • Partnership with media organizations;
  • Access to and control of the local people to the local productive goods and resources;
  • Cooperation with the Indian Dalit movement.


RDN Nepal has a fund on internal Dalit rights. The fund includes fees for membership, selling of publication, financial contribution, and the levies from the Dalit activists and members. The Dalit fund is also established in the local model villages as a campaign. ActionAid Nepal (AAN) is the permanent partner of the RDN. Occasional partnerships have been made with other many organizations including Government of Nepal, German Development Service (DED), Collective Campaign, Community Service Center, Care Nepal, Pro-public, Lutheran World Federation, National Human Rights Commission, National Dalit Commission (NDC), Jana Uthhan Pratisthan, Human Rights Alliance, NGO Federations of Nepal, Federation of Community Forestry, Users’ Nepal (FECOFUN), Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), National Forum against Racism.