End Untouchability, Build a better Nepal

Vision: A just society without caste based discrimination and untouchability recognized by universal norms and value


Mission: To play a lead role in establishing a human rights-oriented resource centre for Dalit’s identity, representation and access


Goal: To influence in the decision making level for guarantying political, economic, social and cultural rights by way of elimination of caste based untouchability and discrimination



  • To establish political, economis and social rigths including identity, representation and access of Dalits
  • To emphasize on developing the well planning livelihood including livelihood by creating inclusive and prosperous Dalit-friendly nation through the declaration of Dalit Rights Decade (2020-2030)
  • To ensure the accountability and transparency in Dalit rights structures according to the new constitution
  • To conduct a nationwide campaign to facilitate democratization of public service sectors of the state for periodic scientific reservation
  • To play the significant role at the local, national and international levels for the practical implementation of Dalit rights